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So Ya Wanna be a Dwarf?

Being a dwarf has it's advantages and disadvantages. We are the only race that can craft and the only ones who can Sweep and Spoil mobs (When combined they give an added chance to the dwarf to loot additional items from a mob) but we have weak fighting skills compared to other fighters especially at lower levels.

Quests to Get You to 20

At level 1 you'll want to do the map quest given by Miner Maron at the newby area.

After finishing this you should be around level 3. Next you'll want to do the Miner's Favor quest given out to any level 2 by Miner Bolter. This quest gives 450 adena and takes a few minutes to do (no killing just a little running around in dwarf city). After this, the Revenge of the Red Bonnet quest (given out at level 4 and can be done multiple times) is what you want to do till at least level 10. This quest allows for a good way to get adena (as much as 5000a) while you level and get crafting supplies and adena from drops. Remember to save all crafting item drops like bones, skins, ores...etc. Once you hit level 6 you can do the Hidden Veins quest in the same are you are doing the Red Bonnet quest. This isn't a huge amount of adena but can add to what you have and the mobs are a little higher so you'll get better experience. At level 10 you can go on your way to do your weapon quest (the Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss) for your Silversmith Hammer . While doing this you can also do the Covert Business for your Ring of Raccoon this is a great quest since it can be done multiple times first for the ring then for 2400 adena and 60sp each time after. This quest can take you up past level 15. At 11 you can do the Dreaming of the Skies quest (as long as you finished the Covert Business quest). This will get you a Ring of Firefly . At 15 you can start the Tarantula Spider Silk quest which can only be done if you did the Covert Business and Dreaming of Skies quests.


As dwarves we don't get alot of skills till we start to generalize ourselves at 20. The first skill you'll want is Weapon Mastery 1 (320sp) it will help you kill faster. Next save all SP  to get Sweep and Spoil (each cost 1,100 sp and can't be used with out the other) at level 5. Then spend SP on Armor Mastery 1 (320sp). At level 5 go for Weapon Mastery 2 (1,100sp) then Armor Mastery 2 and 3 (550sp each). These will help you kill faster and collect more items. You won't be doing much crafting till level 20 so get this after you get those skills. Now the last skill is Weight Limit which at current time raises spell casting speed by 10%. Get this last since you don't get any offensive/defensive spells yet. 

 At 20 you can choose to become an Artisan or Scavenger. Artisans can craft items past level 1 crafting and become Warsmiths at level 40 (They are highly wanted by clans and can make siege weapons). Scavengers, although not great crafters get higher Sweep and Spoil skills and can loot some objects that only they can get. At 40 they become Bounty Hunters.

This should give you a means to get to 20th level with good adena and lots of crafting supplies. GOOD LUCK!


Lineage 2