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L2 test server client
1. System Requirement
Before installing and launching Lineage II, first check to see that your computer specifications meet the following requirements.

2. Live Client Copy Process
Download the following zip file, unzip the read me text file, follow the instructions to copy your live server client and patch it to the public test server client.

PTS Conversion (client and readme) Download West Coast Mirror:

3. Test Server Client Download
Game Client Installation Instructions

Client Size:
(1.87 GB)

Note: You will need to have approximately 5 GB of free space available on your hard drive using this method.

Download the installer to a temporary folder on your hard-drive.
Once downloaded, unzip the file to extract the contents (once extracted, you may delete the original Zip file).
Double-click the setup.exe to begin installation of Lineage II.

L2 C3 Test Server Client (All Areas):
PTS Installer Download West Coast Mirror:
Full Download

4. Download DirectX
First install DirectX9.0c or higher version and the latest driver for your graphic card on your PC. If installation is already complete, proceed to the next step. (Downloading file size : 35MB)
DirectX Download


Lineage 2