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Lineage 2 Clan System
Any character over level 10 may create a clan. When a character has reached level 10 or higher, he/she can go to the NPC responsible for clan creation. Clan names may be comprised of up to 16 alphabetical and numerical characters and cannot include spaces or special characters.

A clan is made up of a clan leader (commonly known as a Lord) and a number of clan members. New clans may accept up to 10 members. As the clan progresses and attains skills, they can have up to 40 members.

Leaving a Clan

A clan member may leave a clan with or without the approval of the clan leader. When a member leaves with the leader�s permission, the change takes effect immediately. As such, the former member may join another clan immediately if he/she wishes.

When a member leaves without the consent of the clan leader, it will take five calendar days to process (clear out) the member. The former member may not join any other clan for five calendar days. However, he/she may create a new clan. If the clan�s membership capacity was filled, the clan must also wait five calendar days to accept new members. (For example: A clan has a maximum membership of 10 and 10 members. One member leaves without consent. The clan cannot accept any new members for five calendar days, when that membership is cleared out.) If the clan leader withdraws from the clan, the clan is automatically dissolved and receives penalties (see below).

Dissolving a Clan

A clan leader may dissolve the clan without the prior consent of the members. Dissolving a clan is done in the same manner as creating a clan, through the appropriate NPCs. A clan leader who dissolves his/her clan receives experience penalties comparable to one death and cannot create another clan for ten days. In addition, all the skills and fame that the clan possesses will be lost. It takes seven calendar days to dissolve a clan. Clan skills are restricted until the dissolution occurs, but clan chat and clan bulletin boards may still be used. A clan cannot be dissolved when involved in a clan war.

Clan Skills

Clan skills may be acquired in phases via clan quests. If a clan completes a quest they are eligible for, they acquire a new level of clan skills. Through these skills, the clan gains various clan management abilities and powers, including clan member registration, expulsion, dissolution, transferring of authority, and warehouse usage. The higher the skill, the more powerful a clan may become.

The chart below describes skills added to the clan at each level.

Note! Some of the skills listed below are still in development and may not be available at the moment.

Level 0
(New Clan)
Level 1
(Community/Basic Functions)
Level 2
(Clan House)
Member Registration
Expel a Member
Dissolve a Clan
Manage Clan Chat
Delegate Authroity
Fulfill Quest
Use Clan Warehouse
Manage Clan Warehouse
Clan Announcements
Increase Members
Fulfill Quest
Participate in Clan House Auctions
Manage Clan House
Install Clan House Upgrades
Increase Members
Fulfill Quest
Level 3
(Display Clan/Participate in Politics)
Level 4
Level 5
(Clan Completion)
Register Clan Emblem
Title Clan Members
Declare War
Increase Clan Storage
Additional Clan House Upgrades
Increase Members
Fulfill Quest
Occupy Clan House
Participate in Siege
Install Siege Equipment
Interact with Holy Object
Manage Castle
Install Castle Upgrades
Increase Members
Fulfill Quest
Establish Alliance
Break Alliance
Install Clann House Upgrades
Increase Members
Fulfill Quest

Clan War

-Only clans with skill level 3 or higher may declare war on another clan. Only clans with over five members may be challenged.
-Clan war cannot be declared on an allied clan. A clan that is currently involved in a clan war cannot declare war upon another clan until the first war has ended. However, the clan may accept war challenges from another clan.

-First, declare war on a desired opponent. The other clan leader must be in the game for war to be successfully declared. To declare war, use the Clan tab in the Action menu.
-The battle begins when the opposing clan accepts the challenge. If the opponent refuses, no battle occurs.

During a Clan War:
-The clan�s emblem appears above each character's head by default.
-You do not need to press the Ctrl key to attack an opposing clan member during war.
-Player killing (PK) is permissible between members of two different clans until the end of the war.
-Guards do not participate in wars between clans.
-Players killed in battle receive the same penalty as in a regular death.
-An individual may choose to surrender if placed in a dangerous situation in battle, even if the war itself has not ended. An individual that has chosen to surrender receives experience penalties equal to one death and does not have to go back to war. To surrender, use the Clan tab in the Action menu.
-A clan may not be dissolved during war.

Ending a War:
The war comes to an end when one of the following requirements is satisfied:

-The opposing clan leader is captured (death of the clan leader).
-The opposing clan surrenders (at least one or more members of the surrendering clan must be present in the game).
-One clan proposes a truce and the other accepts. The battle ends in a draw.
-All clan members, excluding the clan leader, have individually surrendered.
-Both sides fail to satisfy any of the victory conditions by midnight of the next day (in-game). The battle ends in a draw.

Regardless of the outcome, any clan that has declared war, or any clan that has accepted a declaration of war, cannot declare another war for five days.
If a clan surrenders, the clan leader receives experience penalties equal to one death.

Clan Information

Information about one's clan -- or clans allied with one's clan -- can be acquired through the clan information window in the interface. This window displays the clan leader name, clan skill level, current stats, clan members with delegated authority, current members who are online and their character levels.

Information for another clan may be acquired using the Clan tab in the Action menu. Only the clan�s status and the categories approved by the clan leader are displayed. Categories include: clan leader name, clan skill level, castles and clan houses in possession, and current clan status.


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