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Summon System
A Cubic is a type of summoned creature that carries out assigned tasks faithfully!

Currently, Temple Knights and Shillien Knights are capable of summoning a Cubic. In hunting activities, Cubics assist in attacks, both directly and indirectly. In order to summon a Cubic, one needs a certain amount of crystals and skills. These Cubics will provide a fun new element in the Lineage II world.

Types of Cubics:
  • Storm Cubic: Attacks a target that its master selects with a wind knife.

  • Vampiric Cubic: Has a vampiric touch that can restore its master's physical strength.

  • Poltergeist Cubic: Casts a curse to its enemy with curses, such as Slow, Curse Weakness, etc.

  • Life Cubic: Restores its master's HP.

  • Viper Cubic: Poisons its enemy to reduce its HP.

Features of a Cubic
  • Depending on the master's skill type, a Cubic may have the ability to perform multiple summons.

  • No separate command window exists. According to one's assigned role, a Cubic carries out tasks using its master's intelligence.

  • Along with a Cubic, a separate summoner or a pet may be kept.

  • A Cubic cannot perform targeting, nor is it impacted by any type of attack. However, it can be forcefully dispersed by dispel magic.


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