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Bones Tell the Future Dark Elf10Experience: 3000, Adena: 100
Brigands Sweep Dwarf5Adena: 12
Bring Wolf Pelts 3Adena: 50
Catch the Wind 18Adena: 30
Chains of Slavery Dark Elf5Adena: 5
Collect Arrowheads 10Experience: 1200, Adena: 1000
Collect Spores 8Adena: 2000
Collector's Dream 15Experience: 600 , Adena: 1000
Covert Business Dwarf10Ring of Raccoon
Crystals of Fire and Ice 17Adena: 60
Curse of the Fortress Dwarf, Elf, Human, Orc12Experience: 2000 , Bone Shield
Dark Elf's Tutorial Dark Elf1World Map
Dark Winged Spies Orc11Adena: 3500
Deliver Goods 2Adena: 600 , Lesser Healing Potion
Dark Winged Spies Orc11Adena: 3500
Deliver Goods 2Adena: 600 , Lesser Healing Potion
Deliver Supplies Dark Elf3Adena: 450
Destroy Plague Carriers Elf18Adena: 60
Dreaming of the Skies 11Ring of Firefly
Dwarf's Tutorial Dwarf1Map: Elmore
Dwarven Kinship 15Adena: 6100
Elf's Tutorial Elf1World Map
Fighter's Tutorial Human, [Fighter]1World Map
Find Sir Windawood 3Adena: 100 , Healing Potion
Forgotten Truth Dark Elf10Eldritch Dagger
Fruit of the Mothertree Elf3Experience: 1000 , Adena: 500
Gatekeeper's Favor 15Gatekeeper Token
Gatekeeper's Offering 15Gatekeeper Charm
Grim Collector 15Adena: 2000
Hunt the Orcs 6Adena: 5
Invaders of the Holy Land Orc6Adena: 5
Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss Dwarf10Silversmith Hammer
Keen Claws 3Adena: 50
Legacy of the Poet Dwarf, Elf, Human, Orc11Leather Shirt
Letters of Love -1 Adena: 450
Long Live the Paagrio Lord Orc2Adena: 450
Mass of Darkness Dark Elf, Human2Experience: 500 , Adena: 250
Merciless Punishment Orc121510
Millennium Love 15Experience: 3555 , Haste Potion
Miner's Favor 2Adena: 450
Mystic's Tutorial Human Mage1World Map
Nerupa's Request Elf3Experience: 1000 , Lesser Healing Potion
Offspring of Nightmares Dark Elf15Bone Gaiters
Orc Subjugation Dark Elf8Adena: 5
Orc's Tutorial Orc1Map: Elmore
Path to a Cleric Human, [Mage]19-
Path to a Dark Wizard Dark Elf, [Dark Mystic]19-
Path to a Human Knight Human, [Fighter]19
Path to a Human Wizard Human, [Mage]19-
Path to a Rogue Human, [Fighter]19-
Path to a Warrior Human, [Fighter]19-
Path to an Elven Knight Elf, [Elven Fighter]19
Path to an Elven Oracle Elf, [Elven Mistic] 1Gludio Castle TownManuel
Path to an Elven Ranger Elf, [Elven Fighter]19
Path to an Elven Wizard Elf, [Elven Mage]19
Pleas of Pixies 3Adena: 100
Proof of Valor Orc4Necklace of CourageNecklace of Valor
Protect the Water Source Elf12Adena: 2500 , Ring of Anguish
Rancher's Plea 15Adena: 25
Recover Smuggled Goods 5Adena: 1500
Revenge of the Redbonnet 4Adena: 100
Sacrifice to the Sea 2Experience: 1100 , Adena: 400
Save My Sister 15Haste Potion
Scent of Death 11Adena: 2000 , Healing Potion
Sea of Spores Fever Elf12Staff of SentinelSword of Sentinel
Shards of Golem 10Experience: 5000 , Cotton Tunic
Shilen's Hunt Dark Elf3Experience: 1900 , Lesser Healing Potion
Skirmish with the Orcs Elf10Red Sunset SwordRed Sunset Staff
Skirmish with the Werewolves Orc9Adena: 1200
Spirit of Craftsman Dark Elf11Blood Saber
Spirit of Mirrors Human10Wand of Adept
Sweetest Venom 18Adena: 3500
Sword of Solidarity Human9Sword of Solidarity
Tarantula's Spider Silk 15Adena: 20
The Guard is Busy 6Adena: 5
The Hidden Veins Dwarf6Adena: 10
Totem of the Hestui Orc15Adena: 5200
Trade with the Ivory Tower 8Adena: 2000
What Women Want Elf, Human2Adena: 450 , 1073
Wrath of Ancestors Orc5Adena: 1500
Wrath of Verdure Elf4Adena: 10

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