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Towns: Dion | Gludin | Gludio | Giran | Dark Elf Town | Dwarf Town | Orc Town | Elf Town | Talking Island


Gludin Village 2,900 Adena
Elven Village 3,700 Adena
Dion Castle Town 4,200 Adena
Dark Elven Village 4,300 Adena
Orc Village 6,000 Adena
Dwarven Village 6,000 Adena

Items for sale
NameTypeBase Price
Ring of Wisdom
Finger 5,920 Adena
Low Boots
Feet 6,770 Adena
Leather Gloves
Gloves 6,770 Adena
Cat's Eye Earring
Ear 8,890 Adena
Leather Helmet
Head 10,200 Adena
Blue Coral Ring
Finger 10,700 Adena
Necklace of Wisdom
Neck 11,900 Adena
Feet 12,300 Adena
Gloves 12,300 Adena
Bone Gaiters
Legs 12,700 Adena
Stockings of Devotion
A pair of pants with rune characters of mana, embroidered with silk thread
Legs 12,700 Adena
Cotton Pants
Legs 12,700 Adena
Coral Earring
Ear 16,000 Adena
Hard Leather Helmet
Head 18,400 Adena
Piece Bone Gaiters
Legs 19,900 Adena
Tunic of Devotion
A tunic with rune characters of mana, embroidered with silk thread
Chest 20,300 Adena
Cotton Shirt
Chest 20,300 Adena
Bone Breastplate
Chest 20,300 Adena
Leather Boots
Feet 20,900 Adena
Excellent Leather Gloves
Gloves 20,900 Adena
Blue Diamond Necklace
Neck 21,300 Adena
Hard Leather Shirt
Chest 36,900 Adena
Tunic of Magic
A tunic, comfortably designed for mages
Chest 36,900 Adena
Puma Skin Gaiters
Legs 39,100 Adena
Cursed Stockings
Legs 39,100 Adena
Bronze Breastplate
Chest 49,200 Adena
Bronze Helmet
Head 50,000 Adena
Lion Skin Gaiters
Legs 62,500 Adena
Dark Stockings
Legs 62,500 Adena
Mystic's Stockings
Legs 62,500 Adena
Cursed Tunic
Chest 62,600 Adena
Ring Mail Breastplate
Chest 83,500 Adena
Stockings of Knowledge
Legs 95,200 Adena
Mithril Banded Gaiters
Legs 95,200 Adena
Lion Skin Shirt
Chest 99,900 Adena
Mystic's Tunic
Chest 99,900 Adena
White Tunic
Chest 99,900 Adena
Tunic of Knowledge
Chest 152,000 Adena
Mithril Breastplate
Chest 183,000 Adena
Long Sword
Sword 136,000 Adena
Journeyman's Staff
Blunt 136,000 Adena
Dual Fist 136,000 Adena
Throwing Knife
Dagger 136,000 Adena
Short Spear
Pole 136,000 Adena
Iron Hammer
Blunt 244,000 Adena
Sword Breaker
Dagger 244,000 Adena
Sword 244,000 Adena
Composition Bow
Bow 244,000 Adena
Blunt 244,000 Adena
Viper's Fang
Dual Fist 244,000 Adena
Pole 409,000 Adena
Work Hammer
Blunt 409,000 Adena
Heavy Mace
Blunt 409,000 Adena
Hand Axe
Blunt 409,000 Adena
Sword 409,000 Adena
Assassin Knife
Dagger 409,000 Adena
Dual Fist 409,000 Adena
Bone Staff
Blunt 409,000 Adena
Crafted Dagger
Dagger 409,000 Adena
Pole 644,000 Adena
Bastard Sword
Sword 644,000 Adena
Dark Elven Bow
Bow 644,000 Adena
Staff of Mana
Blunt 644,000 Adena
Long Bow
Bow 644,000 Adena
Mystic Staff
Blunt 644,000 Adena
Doom Hammer
Blunt 644,000 Adena
Poniard Dagger
Dagger 644,000 Adena
Single-Edged Jamadhr
Dual Fist 644,000 Adena
Mace of Prayer
Blunt 644,000 Adena
Dwarven Trident
Pole 644,000 Adena
Conjurer's Knife
Dagger 967,000 Adena
Mystic Knife
Dagger 967,000 Adena


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